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What are the Benefits of LED Tail Lights?

Jun. 13, 2020

As a Red Led Trailer Tail Lights Manufacturer, share with you. LED tail light is a special use light installed at the rear of the car. It is an innovative taillight made of a special light source, and sends a warning message to others when the car is turning or braking hard.

Because of its inherent characteristics, LED has many advantages, such as: 1. Small size and light weight; 2. Low power consumption and energy saving compared with traditional light sources; 3. Long service life; 4. High brightness and low heat; 5. Environmental protection can Safe touch; 6. Not easy to damage and wear-resistant; 7. Variety of luminous colors; 8. Using advanced technology.

Red Led Trailer Tail Lights

Red Led Trailer Tail Lights

LED lights are made of high-power LEDs and heat-conductive materials with good heat dissipation. This is much better than traditional lamps. The bulb is made of diodes, the brightness is higher than that of ordinary bulbs, and the response speed is relatively fast. This is also an important advantage compared with traditional lamps.

One of the functions of led is to be able to gather high-intensity light and emit information that prompts people to perform, even in foggy weather, it has good visibility; the second role is that it can change the color of light emitted by lamps.

The light bulb is made of diodes, the brightness is higher than the ordinary light bulb, and the response speed is fast. LED is a semiconductor that can convert electrical energy into visible light. It changes the principle of incandescent lamp tungsten filament light emission and energy-saving lamp three-color toner light emission, and uses electric field to emit light. According to analysis, the characteristics of LED are very obvious, long life, high light efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption. Almost all of the LED spectrum is concentrated in the visible light band, and its luminous efficiency can reach 80 to 90%.

In recent years, due to design requirements, aerodynamic requirements, and aesthetic requirements, the low-profile streamlined shape has become increasingly popular. The shape of the taillights is also developing towards alienation and integration. Automotive LED lights can be divided into two types of light distribution lights and decorative lights according to the application. The light distribution lights are suitable for instrument indicator backlight display, front and rear turn lights, brake indicator lights, reversing lights, fog lights, reading lights and other functionalities. Aspect; decorative lights are mainly used for the color change of car lights, beautifying the inside and outside of the car. In recent years, with the resolution of some automotive LED brightness problems and cost reduction, its application volume has increased.

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