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How do Newbies Use Car Lights?

Jan. 30, 2021

Every time I cross the road on a zebra crossing at night, I have to look at the direction of the traffic to see if there is a car. The reason why I have to look more is because I have to beware of those "exotic drivers" who don't drive lights at night! In fact, many of these "wonderful drivers" are novices. They don't know how to use car lights or even how to drive lights "There are street lights on the road, I can see clearly, there is no need to turn on the lights. Right?" This may be a common reason why novices do not turn on the lights at night.

Red Led Trailer Tail Lights

Red Led Trailer Tail Lights

In addition to the function of lighting, there are also prompts and warnings. To put it bluntly, if you know how to use car lights, you also know the life-saving skills-to prevent accidental collisions by other cars. As a Truck Tailgate Led Light Manufacturer, let's talk about how to use car lights.

Where is the light switch? What do they look like?

Before learning how to use car lights, novices must first understand where and what styles of car lights are on or off. Currently on the market, there are mainly two styles of car light switches: knob type and lever type.

What do the various car light icons mean?

After understanding the location and operation of the light switch, next, we have to understand the meaning of the various icons on the light switch.

It should be noted that, no matter whether the car light switch of the vehicle is a knob type or a lever type, the high beam switch is on the left lever (that is, the turn signal lever). Our company also has Red Led Trailer Tail Lights on sale, welcome to contact us.