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How to Identify the Authenticity of Car Lights?

Nov. 24, 2020

Car lights, whether headlights, fog lights or tail lights, play an important role in driving safety. However, its material determines the probability of damage in a collision accident. It is inevitable that it needs to be replaced. However, there are still many fake and inferior car lamps sold in the market. This requires our car owners to keep their eyes open so as not to buy fake parts and endanger our driving safety.

Universal LED Tail Lights

Universal LED Tail Lights

As a Trailer Square Work Light Manufacturer, share with you. For those of us who don’t know anything about accessories, how can we identify fakes?

The following points are worth learning:

Look at the appearance

Generally, the workmanship of counterfeit headlamps is rough, with more burrs on the corners, and the manufacturer's logo on the lamps is vague or even absent.

The installed interface is not so tightly integrated. Looking at the light-transmitting surface of the headlights, the glass surface of the dummy is generally not transparent, and the bulbs and reflectors inside are not clearly visible, and there may be impurities inside. There is no such problem with genuine headlights. The rear taillight is a combination of multiple colors. Fake lamps generally have incorrect colors, light or heavy, and some fake and inferior products have faded. The quality of the lamps in this situation must be problematic.

See inside

Just turn on the lights, you can see the inner quality of the car lights. Generally, fake and inferior car lights will diverge and be irregular due to poor reflectors. The same two lights may have different brightness. The genuine product will not have such a problem.

Look at the assembly

Although the abrasive tools of fake and inferior car lights are made of imitating genuine car lights, there are still some differences, so they will not be so tightly fitted after assembly, and the phenomenon of water ingress is prone to occur in rainy days, indicating that there are problems with the quality of the lights .

For comparison

Because the simulation level of some fake and shoddy parts is still very high, the above method is still difficult to distinguish between true and false. At this time, you need to compare the car lights removed from your car with it to distinguish true and false. Generally fake parts The product identification and material of the product can be distinguished in comparison.

Finally, it is not enough to learn the above points. It is most important to choose a reputable merchant and repair shop. The degree of simulation of some parts is incredible, so choose good merchants and repair shops to prevent fraud. Of course, their prices may be more expensive, but they are still sloppy in front of driving safety.

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