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How much do you know about Universal LED Tail Lights?

Apr. 25, 2020

Car taillights, including lamps and bulbs in the rear of the car. Among them, the function of the lamps and lanterns is to aggregate and emit the light from the light bulb, so as to enhance the brightness and range of the light from the light bulb and change the light emitting color of the light bulb through the color of the lamp. There are currently three main types of light bulbs, one is a halogen car bulb, one is a HID car bulb, and there is the emerging Universal LED Tail Lights.

Supra Led Tail Lights is an innovative brake light and tail light using a long-term LED light source. The light bulb is made of diodes, the brightness is higher than the ordinary light bulb, and the response speed is fast. LED (Light-Emitting-Diode in Chinese means light-emitting diode) is a semiconductor that can convert electrical energy into visible light. It changes the principle of incandescent lamp tungsten filament lighting and energy-saving lamp three-color toner lighting, and uses electric field lighting. It can send signals to other vehicles and pedestrians when the car brakes, turns or turns. LED taillights have excellent light source intensity and can maintain extremely high visibility even in foggy weather.

In recent years, due to design requirements, aerodynamic requirements, and aesthetic requirements, the low-profile streamlined shape has become increasingly popular. The shape of the taillights is also developing towards alienation and integration. Automotive LED lights can be divided into light distribution lights and decorative lights according to the application. The light distribution lights are suitable for instrument indicator backlight display, front and rear turn lights, brake indicator lights, reversing lights, fog lights, reading lights and other functional Aspect; decorative lights are mainly used for color changes of car lights, beautifying the inside and outside of the car. In recent years, with the resolution of some automotive LED brightness problems and cost reduction, its application volume has increased. Common domestic: Honda Accord, Nissan Teana, Crown, Reiz, Cadillac series, Buick Rongyu, etc. have all adopted LED taillights.

Advantages of LED tail lights

The color of the LED is very pure. The color is actually the wavelength of light. The wavelength of the light emitted by the LED is determined by the LED. Any color can be adjusted without any noise.

Compared with fluorescent lamps, energy saving is basically half energy saving.


long life.


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