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Do you know the Misunderstanding of LED Headlights for Cars?

May. 20, 2020

With its energy-saving, low-consumption and high-brightness characteristics, LED lights have become the best choice to replace the original halogen lights. However, there are still many people who have a lot of questions about this. Let me talk to you today. As a Red Led Trailer Tail Lights Manufacturer, share with you.

4 Inch Round Trailer Tail Lights

4 Inch Round Trailer Tail Lights

Myth 1: Is the headlight higher the better?

The lumens of the headlights should be within a certain reasonable range, too dark and too bright will affect the driving vision. The difference between the lumen values of LED car lights on the market is because some merchants falsely label lumens or use the "theoretical value of car lights" to steal the "actual effect value" concept. Excessive pursuit of ultra-high lumens is a mistake in itself, and the key depends on actual needs.

Myth 2: Is the LED power as high as possible?

Increasing the brightness of the LED by increasing the power does not solve the actual problem, but will lead to a short life because it cannot solve the problem of the LED being afraid of heat.

Misunderstanding 3: Which is better, automotive LED lights or xenon lights?

Every car and every person has different needs, so we can only say which one is more appropriate. For example, the original car reflector bowl upgrade xenon lamp needs to replace the lens, the cost is higher, and good LED can match the original car reflector bowl, so the specific situation depends on personal needs.

Myth #4: Which is better, fan cooling or braid cooling?

Both models help to dissipate heat, but the heat dissipation structure of LED lights depends on the whole, not on a single component. And it also needs to be combined with actual installation considerations. Different components can not be based on the analogy of heat dissipation, but must consider the overall heat dissipation, installation volume, and assembly space.

Myth #5: Do LED lights need ballasts?

The principle of LED and xenon lamp is different, the starting method is different, no ballast is needed, and there will be no problems such as high voltage breakdown. However, each lamp is equipped with a power driver.

Myth #6: Does car LED light need to be decoded?

The decoder was installed because the driving computer detected abnormality after upgrading the lights. Although the LED is started at a low current and does not interfere with most cars, some cars that detect power need to install a decoder.

Myth #7: Do LED lights need chuck installation?

For the LED car lamp replaced by the original car halogen lamp, the model corresponds to the original car halogen lamp, and the chuck is matched with the lamp type. There are also a small number of vehicles that are dedicated to chucks. However, professional lamp-changing shops have corresponding chucks, which can adjust the light type. There are also a few chucks to solve most of the special problems of special vehicles, and worry-free installation.

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