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Is Proper Distance Between Cars to Prevent Rear-End Collision?

Jan. 13, 2021

As a Truck Oval Tail Lights Manufacturer, share with you.

Keep proper distance between cars at different speeds

Data shows that the braking distance of a general car from a speed of 100 kilometers to a standstill is 30-40 meters, but in reality, this number will double to 60-80 meters: and the braking distance from a speed of 50 kilometers per hour to a standstill is average At about 20 meters. It is worth noting that the speed from 50 to 100 kilometers per hour has only doubled, but the braking distance has increased several times. There is also a reaction time: from seeing the obstacle to braking, it takes about 1 second, so that the car will drive a certain distance.

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Caravan Rear Lights For Sale

If the speed is 100 kilometers per hour, you should ensure that there are no dangerous factors at least 80 meters ahead; if the speed is 50 kilometers per hour, you should ensure that there are no dangerous factors within 40 meters ahead, otherwise, you must slow down.

Trucks with inferior quality indicator lights can easily lead to rear-end collisions

The power of the general truck width indicator light must reach 25 watts, and the radiation must be at least within 200 meters, otherwise there will be safety hazards. In addition, it is understood that there are many manufacturers of car lights now, and the production process and technical level are uneven, and inferior products are flooding the market. Some of these car lights have a radiation distance of less than 50 meters, causing great safety risks to driving safety.

Reasonable use of car lights to reduce potential accidents

It is necessary to correctly use the night traffic lights, signal lights, turn signals, brake lights, fog lights and headlights, which are directly related to the safety of driving. Among them, the use of turn signals and headlights is often useless by many drivers. The turn signal should be turned on at about 100 meters from the turning intersection. Turning on too early will cause the illusion of "forgetting to turn off the turn signal" for vehicles behind. The vehicles and pedestrians behind are unprepared and often make mistakes while busy.

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