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Teach you to Choose Car Bulbs

Dec. 11, 2020

As a Round Tail Lights Manufacturer, share with you. At present, the automobile lighting distribution industry is divided into three major markets, namely, the complete vehicle supporting market, the professional maintenance market, and the auto parts retail market. After years of continuous random inspections of automotive lighting, it is found that the quality of parts used by the vehicle manufacturer is relatively optimistic; the quality of parts and components in the special maintenance department is more assured; the quality of products in auto parts stores is worrying.

4 Inch Round Trailer Tail Lights

4 Inch Round Trailer Tail Lights

Automotive lamps are mainly composed of three parts: light distribution lens, reflector, and car bulb. The design of the light distribution lens and the reflector and the rationality of the position of the two and the bulb filament are the key factors that directly affect the quality of the lamp product.

Don’t just look at product prices

The quality of automotive lamps on the market varies from a dozen yuan to hundreds of yuan, and the price of supporting lamps is basically around tens of yuan, which is generally not circulated in the auto parts market. Consumers should not only pay attention to product prices when buying products.

Purchase products from well-known manufacturers

Consumers should give priority to the use of automotive lighting products produced by well-known companies. Bulbs can use the products of large-scale regular bulb manufacturers, and do not buy three-no products.

Check the certificate carefully

In addition to checking the product's certificate, you can also check the product's manufacturer name, factory address, and telephone to check the product's implementation standards.

can perform simple visual inspection

The appearance of automotive lighting products should be free of defects, smooth and burr-free; the bulbs should be automotive product bulbs specified by the national standard; for automotive headlights, consumers can check whether the cut-off line of the light shape is clear, neat.

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