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Under What Conditions does the Car Light Need to be Replaced?

Oct. 24, 2020

As a Truck Oval Tail Lights Manufacturer, share with you.

1. Symptom 1: The glass shell becomes blackened and weakens the light output

Diagnosis 1: The tungsten atoms of the incandescent bulb are deposited on the glass shell, causing the bulb to blacken.

Solution: If a problem with similar pictures is found, we suggest replacing the car bulb in time.

2. Symptom 2: Light decay appears

Diagnosis 2: With the use of car lights, the brightness of the bulb will gradually decrease, causing light decay.

Solution: Therefore, it is recommended that once the car lights are dimmed, the bulbs should be replaced in time. Don't wait until they are broken to avoid traffic accidents caused by the dimming of the lights.

3. Symptom 3: The bulb is damaged and does not light up

Diagnosis 3: The lamp has been used for too long, and the bulb has reached the end of its service life and is damaged.

Solution: We recommend replacing car bulbs in time.

Red Led Trailer Tail Lights

Red Led Trailer Tail Lights

In addition, in order to improve the lighting system of their cars, many car owners will upgrade their lights.

How to upgrade the automotive lighting system?

Lighting upgrade mainly refers to the upgrade of car bulbs. There are halogen bulb upgrades for headlamps, xenon headlamps for headlamps, daytime running lights for signal lights, and width lights for signal lights.

1. Headlamp upgrade: There are two main ways, one is to replace and upgrade original ordinary halogen bulbs with white light or extremely bright halogen bulbs; the other is to upgrade original ordinary halogen bulbs with xenon headlights. Most of the original headlight bulbs are ordinary halogen bulbs, the color temperature is generally around 3000K, the lighting color is generally red and yellow, and the visual effects and illumination distance are average. Therefore, upgrades and modifications came into being. A good upgrade of car lights can achieve a better use effect without increasing the load or even reducing the energy consumption on the basis of the original car's basic power output through performance optimization and component upgrades. 2. Signal lamp upgrade: mainly refers to upgrading the original ordinary signal bulb with LED or blue bulb. Mainly include the upgrade of the indicator lights and the modification of the daytime running lights.

The upgrade of the display light can improve the decorative visual effect. The daytime running lights are used for the front-mounted installation of the car to remind the car to pay attention to the front, which can improve the decoration effect and safety function. Currently, LED daytime running lights are generally used.

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