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Why are all Car Tail Lights Red?

Aug. 13, 2020

As a Round Tail Lights manufacturer, share with you. I believe that many people have experienced traffic jams, especially at night, when the lights are all red at first glance, and they can't get in or back out, making people very anxious. But have you ever wondered why, no matter what brand or model, their car tail lights are all red?

Caravan Rear Lights For Sale

Caravan Rear Lights For Sale

First of all, in the normal field of vision, red is the longest transmission band in the broad spectrum. It can be seen from a long distance and has strong penetrating power. It can also be clearly seen in fog and rain. The red width indicator and brake The light uses the characteristics of the red light wavelength to inform other vehicles of your current location.

Secondly, from a psychological point of view, because red is close to the color of blood, it is considered to be a symbol of bleeding, danger, and terror, so that when people see red, they will subconsciously think that there is danger approaching, thus serving as a warning. . At the same time, the international community uses red as a warning.

In fact, what we often say about taillights is a broad term.

Car tail lights include: turn signals, brake lights, position lights, rear fog lights, reversing lights, and parking lights. Among them, some models combine brake lights and position lights, and the bulbs made are double-wire. The rear fog lights and reversing lights are distributed like this: left fog lights, right reversing lights, that is to say, single fog lights and single reversing lights. The turn signal and brake light are symmetrical, one on each side.

The lampshade is composed of red, yellow and white. The red lampshade of the parking light, the brake lamp and the position lamp glows red, the white lampshade of the fog lamp glows yellow, and the yellow lampshade of the reversing lamp glows yellow.

If the shell of the brake light is red, you can choose a white LED light to make it brighter.

Look at the tail lights and drive

When you are driving on the highway, especially at night, your vision is not very good. If you see two red dots in front, you can immediately think of a car ahead, whether it is slowing down or braking, you need to interact with it. keep distance.

If you are following a car, it is even more obvious. When you find that the taillights of the car in front suddenly turn on and become dazzling, it means that you have to slow down after he brakes.

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